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What to do when PPV Campaign Stops Performing?

Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, been busy with my campaigns. But today I wanted to talk a little about one of the most common negative sides of performance marketing. That’s when your campaigns suddenly lose performance and get you into the red.

It happens on all mediums, from PPC to banner buys. In some cases, you can quickly see the reason and fix it. In others, there’s just no explanation why it happens. So instead of banging your head into the wall figuring out why oh why you should just move on without learning for such mistake.

Here’s a common scenario.

You’ve discovered a working CPV campaign. You’re turning $20 to $50 / day profit. You optimize … Read the rest »

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Free CPV Scraper (1 Tip Inside)

Ok there’s a free software called LaserURL. Many folks use it, to me it seemed a little messy so I prefer online based tools. I’ve been testing one freebie from CPVDen for a while and I must say it’s really nice. Very easy to use and delivers what’s promised. Perfect alternative to paid versions.

You can choose the Google scraper. Select which country you’d like to get results from (organic results differ based on your geo-location). There are only main English speaking countries, but that’s perfectly enough. Although it scrapes only the to 5 pages of Google, it’s still a nice treat. You can select the URL’s and then instantly make 3 variations of each (removed periods, replace them with … Read the rest »

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CPV – URL’s vs. Keywords

A lot of newcomers to PPV or CPV world ask which are better targets: keywords or URL’s. Here’s a simple answer – URL’s.

That’s pretty much all there is to this post lol.

URL’s are pretty much always more profitable then keywords. You can argue why, but in my opinion it’s not natural for a user to type something into a search engine and immediately get a popup with an advertisement. Even if it’s related.

Once you visit a site, you’re accustomed to seeing popups and popunders. You think it may actually be part of the site.

Tip: that’s why popping over some JC Penney CPA offer on JCPenney.com is more profitable then simply pushing a generic offer. Targeting specific Read the rest »

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