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Examples of Good & Bad PPV Campaigns

In my previous post I talked about getting back on your feet by setting small goals. And the best to way to do that is by doing cost per view marketing. Today I’ll discuss CPV in a little more depth and show you examples of what to expect with this traffic source.

I love PPV for a few reasons. No shitty reviewers like on Facebook, no fucking QS like in Adwords (and MSN now). You can run pretty much anything. Although they are getting stricter and in some cases do require disclosures on LP’s. But it’s rare. Best of all, this traffic source lets you start really small and go really big.

Yeah, everyone says it’s cheap traffic … Read the rest »

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From $500/Day to $0/Day – How To Get Back?

Some of you may be laughing at the numbers in the headline, but I’m serious. Yeah, you may be thinking that it’s not even money. But for many people in the world, this is something. We all start out somewhere and you have to set yourself some goals right.

I remember when I was starting out, I set goals of $100/day, because that’s what I’ve heard many people were aiming for. But at the time, I didn’t have a job, had almost no finances and was barely making anything online. No surprise here, I haven’t made there.

Even after years when I had my successful campaigns going, I had to learn the lessons. I felt like I’m not gonna fall … Read the rest »

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