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Another Awesome Free Resource to Learn From

In the beginning of this blog I mentioned AffBuzz and how cool it is. It’s a syndication of many blogs to look at and keep learning from. Well one blog out of that syndication is CPATank.

I really like these guys.

They give really good inside information on what’s hot and even how to run the offers. Facebook or PPV. Pretty much the best tips you can get. So if you haven’t stumbled upon them, here they are, good stuff:


Another killer information provider is Blamads. I think it’s run by Ryan Eagle (EWA network). The kid is awesome and knows his shit. On this Blamads blog they also provide some great information on what offers to run and … Read the rest »

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AffBuzz.com – A Resource You Should be Checking Out Regularly

Have you subscribed to dozens of IM guru newsletter and your mind is blowing from information and constant emails you get in your inbox?

The same was with me. One day I just couldn’t handle any more emails and unsubscribed from almost all the big guys in marketing industry ezines. Due to info overload and also due to the fact that information wasn’t relevant anymore. Maybe some of them became too detached from the rest of affiliates :) who know…

So where I’m getting at?

Well, if you’ve been online for some time you should know about an awesome affiliate blog post aggregation called AffBuzz.com. I check it few times a week. It’s probably the best resource you can … Read the rest »

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