Shitty Blogs vs. Authority Sites for SEO

This one’s been bugging me for a long time. I’ve done authority sites in the past and I’ve done quick blogs for one keyword. For someone who’s planning on diving into SEO, this could be a real dilemma.

SEO requires a lot of patience and results aren’t quick. So picking the right strategy is key if you want to rip the profits in the future. In this article I’d like to discuss pros, cons and something from my experience doing both ways to help you decide better.

Shitty Blogs – Easy Quick Cash?

Nope. Lol. Everyone’s been talking about how you can make easy money, rank highly in search engines within weeks with a tiny blog with 3 posts or shit like that. Well, from my experience this doesn’t work so well. It does to some extent though… Let me explain.

The key in this game is doing more than one blog and most likely you’ll find success. I’d suggest focus on 4 or 5 and try to get those ranked in top 10. You know the research behind these blogs right? Pick a low competition keyword and focus all your efforts on it. If you’ve followed the Google Sniper course (pretty good), that’s what the guy does all day long. He picks keywords with competition of 14,000 to 20,000 when entered with quotes. Makes sure the keyword gets at least 3,000 searches a month on Google when searched in “phrase match” (although it’s buggy now and sometimes shows the same volume as broad match, so you can use exact match). He uses Google’s keyword tool. And then makes a 3-5 post blog with disclaimers and such to get that “sniper site” ranked high in engines only with social bookmarks and videos. Well I tried it and it requires more than that really. I usually end up on a second page and it’s hard to move from there. I bought some shit pyramid links, social bookmarks, .gov/.edu links and still positions barely move up. So if you think you can get even the least competitive keywords (which are tough to find now) ranked highly with no effort, think again. However, I must say that out of 4 or 5 blogs, one gets to the top 10 or top 5 even and then you can get traffic and commissions. But it’s not easy, so you need to work on building links.

Authority Sites – Are They Worth the Hassle?

When I talk authority sites, I mean 6 months to years of development and not weeks here. How big is the “authority site”? Depends on the niche. In weight loss, you may need 2,000 pages of unique content. In other micro, sub niches you may only need 10.

With authority site, you pick a market and write posts, pages around specific keywords. You won’t rank as high as those cheap blogs devoted for that one specific keyword, but you make up for that with volume of content you have. I have done 3 or 4 authority sites in the past and now they bring me consistent profits each month. It’s a good feeling. And no Google updates worry me, because I have unique and quality content, lots of it. So these sites are “algorithm-update-proof”. But they require dedication. If you don’t hire anyone, and at first that’s what you’ll be doing – writing content yourself, then pick something you have at least moderate interest in. Otherwise it’s going to be a pain to write lots of content on a subject that makes you sick in the morning when you wake up.

Research other authority sites in your niche and see how they structure their pages, categories, blog, etc. Copy their model and start working on it yourself. Make goals, like write 2 posts each day. Or if you can only work on weekends, then 5 posts per weekend. That’s 20 articles a month. Continue that for a year and you have a steady website after one year. 2, 3 years and Google will give even higher weight on your site.

You can pick a niche with several affiliate products or go for more obscure one for Adsense money. One small authority (10-20 page)Adsense site can make you $20, $100 a day. Build several and enjoy the life.

The Verdict?

I go with authority sites. More benefits compared to shitty blogs. But you could do both actually. Why not start one bigger site and at the same time keep testing small blog sites for quicker cash and see how it works out? That should be your next project for SEO. Don’t got for the low hanging fruit only as it may seem too high for you anyway. Better find a niche that has some money in it and keep on building a decent website. You’ll thank yourself years later, trust me.

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Free PPV Landing Page Templates

Hey everyone, as promised yesterday I worked on launching the new directory for PPV landing page templates. You can download all landers for free.

They are designed in 800×600 resolution. Fits every network. Some networks like MediaTraffic allows larger sizes, but you can test these and I think you’ll get great CTR. In my experience smaller LP’s got better CTR on all PPV networks. You just need to test I guess.

I did not include any Photoshop .PSD or Illustrator files. IMO if you’re savvy enough to use Photoshop, you can make graphics and landers yourself. This is mostly for non-techie type people. Just copy-paste and edit text is all you need.

So far I’ve uploaded only some credit report pages, but will keep updating the directory with new landing pages for many niche markets.

In many cases you’ll need to have your own or some other picture as stock photos seem lame for some LP’s which are meant to be more personal. Yeah, I’m talking about flogs partially. But I suggest you use your real photo to turn a flog into a real blog and legit page. As FTC is cracking down on everyone, you need to be compliant. CPA networks are following the orders now and urge all affiliates to have ‘clean’ pages, so act accordingly.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy those pages, use them, and make some profit. Also be sure to try ugly design LP’s on PPV as in interruption marketing they work very well. I will try to add some examples maybe later. Not sure where this project will go.

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New Website Design & Other Stuff

Hey guys,

It’s been like 4 or 5 months and I already got tired of the site looks :) I tried to make it look clean and also user friendly. I’ll probably be editing a few things here and there, but this should help you navigate easier and read more comfortably with larger font size. Well I did this according to all those web design tips and tricks and also my own guts.

Let me know what you think, ok.

And a little update:

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and decided to offer several free landing pages for PPV. Yeah, I know if you follow Justin Dupre, he’s selling those and also giving away for free once in a while. Well, I’m thinking about letting you guys download some CPV landing pages as well.

At first I’ll try making some new ones, as well as throwing some of my own that worked and didn’t work for whatever reason. You can test those out and see how it works.

I’ll probably focus more on major niches like finance, diet, bizopps etc… So some new and exciting little project that I hope will make you some profits.

And meanwhile, let me know what you think about this new design, k.


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How to Get Low CPC on Facebook Ads?

Tried FB? If you’re amongst the vast majority you lost money and moved on to some other places like MSN CPC or 7search where you can get quality clicks cheaper. However, those that can’t stop thinking about the sheer volume of traffic you can grab from Facebook, keep on cracking it.

One of the biggest problems with Facebook Ads is their cost. Holy shit! Newbs looking at the minimum bids scared to even test a campaign there now. If you select anything like women 35-45 (too broad anyway, but for the sake of example…) your CPC’s might range from $2.50 to $4.80 or something like that. Doesn’t look very sexy right?

And especially if you add another rumor floating around that if you bid too low initially on FB they’ll give you shit traffic, things become even darker for the poor. So I completely understand all those folks that just can’t imagine how you can make this beast work. Well there are few ways to go about it and I’ll cover them in a minute. But if you are a small guy that can’t afford $200 or $500 on a test, I’d suggest looking at international campaigns where bids cost much less and you can turn better ROI’s.

How to Achieve Low CPC’s on Facebook?

The question that kept bothering me for a long time as I’ve failed numerous times, but still was getting back to it. Well good news that the simplest answer was under your nose all this time – CTR. That’s how FB works. You get the CTR, you get low CPC’s. If not you’re paying too much and can’t make a campaign work. Simple and brutal truth.

But how do you get the CTR? There are 2 ways to do it. Actually you’re probably doing it already but not hard enough.

  1. TARGETING – Yep, that’s what every blogger was talking about. Targeting is the #1 way to get cheap clicks. Use keywords (interests) or workplaces. You can make magic with workplaces, so use it to your advantage. For example, I started one campaign where my minimum bid suggested by Facebook was $2+. I started to bid $1.07 or smth. like that. (I always use pennies over the common bid just to get some minimal advantage). Most ads that were 0.02-0.03% CTR actually cost me $0.87 a click. Other ads with CTR around 0.07 or 0.1 had a price from $0.6 to $0.8 per click. The longer you run the ad with high CTR, the better your CPC will become. That was for broad targeting BTW. If you do interests and you grab your market by the balls then your CTR’s will be around 0.1% – 0.3% which is amazing for Facebook. CPC will drop quickly and it’ll work. But to achieve that, you need to burn through some money first. You need data. And here we come to another thing that gets you good CTR…
  2. GREAT AD – Yep, image is everything. People were talking about it since the beginning, but I see many newbs just can’t handle the truth and keep on searching for another easier way around, because they couldn’t get good CTR with 5 images and 3 ad copies rotated. Lol. Those who play this game know that you start with 50 – 100 ads sometimes. Sometimes with 1000 ads. Out of those you may find 10 – 20 that work really well. And then 4 or 5 that you keep running for weeks. You need to test a ton guys. And you need money for that. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose money on every ad until you find one with a conversion. Look roughly at the whole campaign. You spend $40 – $50 on a campaign that pays $10 or less with 0 conversions, pause and think again. Better yet, make landing pages and rotate offers. Some offers just suck and some work wonders. You need to test. But you have to have some intuition whether campaign will work or not. Sometimes I start campaign losing money, but my negative ROI is small. I spend $50, I make $30 with the first test. It’s a great sign. You get more data, optimize more and get into the green. If you’ve heard Shoemoney talking about importance of ads on Facebook, you’ve noticed that from his tests he weighed images at 70% or 80%, then headline, then 5% or so the description. Well, from my testing headline definitely has more weight. 30% to 50% maybe. One headline increased ad CTR from 0.05 to 0.09. Just headline. So it’s equally important I’d say. Thing is, you gotta have money to test a campaign on FB to get more data.

Is that all there is to Facebook ads? Well, yeah. It’s not rocket science. It’s easy when you look at it. Hardest part is blowing money when you don’t have much in your pocket. Go test PPV, search PPC, 2nd tier PPC like 7search (great conversions) and make some money to move on. Once you have the money, keep on researching the ads, find an ad that is being shown day in day out for your chosen demographic, and if you see it for 7 days straight, it probably makes monies. Go and test. If it’s dating, and offer converts, you should see conversions with 20 clicks or less. Good offers convert anywhere from 10% to 20%. So you don’t need to spend much to see if it will work or not. But to get some data you need to spend some money. Yeah, I’m being vague, because I’d like to say you should blow $100 to $200/day for 7 days to get some data. But if you got $200 for a test, then go with lower budgets and see if it works.

Time and time again I see that it’s not much brain required to make advertising work. Young guys at their 18’ies make $10K – $100K a day and you wonder how the heck it happens. Well, it’s no that they’re geniuses. Obviously, they are smart. But most importantly, they’re dedicated super hard workers who are ready to risk. If you create 50 ads on FB with best converting dating offer targeting demographic you snagged from Quantcast and consider it a loss if you lose $200… These guys will take a bank loan, create 1000 ads and blow money to get data. Then work even harder to figure things out and get where they are now. If you think you can get away with mediocrity here, think again. Competition isn’t snoozing and it’s constantly increasing. That means margins are shrinking each seconds. If you want to make something happen, you gotta act now.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean you should take a loan or credit card with high limit. Just take action now and start working is all I’m trying to encourage you to do. And you’ll get there. Work hard relentlessly, because others are. And Facebook or anything else will not be a problem for you anymore.

Lol, simple FB bidding post turned into a motivational speech.

You notice I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been busy with advertising. And everything I experience, I’ll lay out here. No bullshit, just what works or doesn’t work for me. Stay tuned. Good luck.

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What to do when PPV Campaign Stops Performing?

Sorry guys for the lack of posts lately, been busy with my campaigns. But today I wanted to talk a little about one of the most common negative sides of performance marketing. That’s when your campaigns suddenly lose performance and get you into the red.

It happens on all mediums, from PPC to banner buys. In some cases, you can quickly see the reason and fix it. In others, there’s just no explanation why it happens. So instead of banging your head into the wall figuring out why oh why you should just move on without learning for such mistake.

Here’s a common scenario.

You’ve discovered a working CPV campaign. You’re turning $20 to $50 / day profit. You optimize the campaign, test few landing pages, rotate offers, cut out losing targets. Everything seems to be just getting better and better. For the last month, you’ve been having 2 to 4 leads a day on average (surely depends on offer) and then you check your yesterday’s stats and see 0.

Ok, bad day happens to all of us. No biggie. But the next day it’s 0 again. WTF? You check your competitor bids and everything looks great. You check your campaign and links if they’re tracking – all works. You check your hosting account, no downs. But for 4 days in a row you start getting zero leads/day. What happened? You can start looking at trends. Holidays or anything like that? But in some cases, you just have no idea what is going on. Here are a few explanation why it might have happened

  1. You might have drained out the traffic pool.
    PPV is such an interesting platform. If you stumble upon a niche that’s not growing, but remains the same, then it could mean that you just keep advertising to the same people all the time. They may be buying for a few weeks, but after a while, there’s just the same people seeing your ad. So your CTR drops, and obviously conversions drop. It’s like in Facebook. There’s just so little you can do with a 5K member group. Eventually, they stop responding. This is common.How to Fix it?

    Try capping. If your PPV network allows frequnecy capping (how often your ad is shown to the same user), try changing it. By default it’s 1 impression per 24 hours to the same user. Shift it to 72 hours and see if it helps. Usually it does. Although if there are very few returning visitors, you may need to simply pause the campaign and resume after a week or two. Run for a few days and keep doing this. It may work. Or try more creatives, more ads, LP’s.

  2. PPV Network Experiments
    These networks often syndicate the same traffic from other PPV networks. It could be that your network decided to deliver you shit quality traffic to see how its working out. You instantly become unprofitable with the niche. In that case, just stop the campaign, that’s all.

Whatever happens, if you are not making money and start losing money few days in a row, try making the changes suggested above. If that doesn’t help. Pause the campaign with possibility to turn it on later. But you can’t keep losing money. Your safest bet, move on and create more campaigns.

You’ll hear some people saying that PPV campaigns last less than a week. Its not really true. My weakest campaigns lasted over a month. Strongest, 3+ years now still profiting with no effort. It depends. Your best bet is to keep searching for new campaigns by building as many as you can.

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“Entering the Facebook Beast”

For many affiliates, Facebook now sounds like Google. A gigantic company that screws small affiliates over and over again, even when there’s no reason to do so. Let me tell you, from my experience, Facebook is unlike any other marketing platform out there. It’s very unique and therefore can be very difficult for affiliates to make money with it. On the other hand, for those lucky ones, it can be the best marketing friend.

When I started with Facebook, I blew it miserably. I lost all the money with the first test and no results. Even though I targeted my demographics and all that shit. I think the problem was I was selling paid product instead of CPL offer. Although now there are a bunch of affiliates doing CPS without problems. So you go figure.

One thing everyone talked about and which I immensely hate is approval process. Or denial process. Cause those assholes disapprove every single ad of yours no matter what. I noticed it happens much much more often in dating vertical. I think they’re so sick of affiliates in this niche that they tell their reps (or monkeys) to disapprove any ad no matter what.

If you decide to promote on Facebook suggested by your AM on CPA network, you most likely will try dating. This is large niche out there and very scalable. So you gonna have to deal with a lot of crap like this. You can obviously hire someone to do that for you if you can’t take 5 disapprovals in a row. But this is the mentality you need to have with Facebook. Brain-dead clicking those submit buttons until your ads are approved by some douche-bag out there who’s feeling lucky cuz he found a date on benaughty that day.

So patience my friend – this is a must if you want to get anywhere with this monster called Facebook.

Next is actually advertising something out there. Yes, you definitely do need to know your demographics. Quantcast is the place to go to figure this out. Just put your offer URL in and see what people visit the site. Then put 5 more competitor URL’s to make sure you kinda understand what demographics generally like this or that product.

Once you know that, prepare some images. GIMP is a free tool for that. Photoshop if you got money to invest. Or you could get a free version of that. It’s the easiest to put images from google and resize them the way you want. Plus, adding borders, some rating stars on images is a breeze. Make sure you get some good images. Image is like 70% to 90% importance of the ad. Headline and description are pretty much worthless, so as tests showed. But not sure with the new way FB displays ads. Either way, image is still king. So have a good one, or else you’re wasting your time.

On FB, just like Pulse360 CTR is everything. If you don’t get 0.07% – 0.1% CTR, you’re not going to make it. And contrasting image can help you a lot here. Of course getting such CTR with 200,000 users you’re targeting is not easy. You can target smaller, like 20,000 users at a time with interest and like attributes. Specific cities to get CTR up faster. This should work at first. But CTR plummets really fast on FB, you need to keep adding new images into rotation. And with disapprovals it can take few days. Sucks, but that’s how this game works.

Also, you need to bid decently to get impressions. I heard some moron said to bid as small as possible and get traffic this way on facebook. Couldn’t be further from the truth. You need to bid above the suggested minimum bid. Otherwise they’ll send you shitty traffic that doesn’t convert. I’ve experienced this. So bid high even though, you don’t want to. If they say $0.80 – $1.20, then bid $1.02 or something. This will get you quality traffic. and if your CTR is alright, your CPC’s will drop and you can start turning profit.

As fat as optimization goes, get the best image ads and make few copies of those testing new text. Leave image, but add new text. Make even exact same copies of the ad to get it shown more often. Play with Photoshop borders, buttons, text in image, to get CTR of the image even higher. But also keep searching and adding new images into the rotation. You need this to make FB work.

It can be hard as fuck submitting your ads and getting them disapproved for no reason. Adding simple image of a girl (with clothes on) and seeing image is inappropriate for FB. But don’t give up. Stick at it and you’ll get it working. That’s how everyone else got where they are. They just stubbornly kept submitting ads and testing everything. From cities that converted to hour and minute when conversion occurred. If you test like freak, you’ll find success. In the beginning, try researching what ads show up (with proxies if you check internationally). I mostly see games from direct advertisers. But if you spot affiliate, research on that bastard as much as you can and see what they’re doing.

Another tactic would be to try something new. It’s really hard to tell. Sometimes you enter when there’s too much competition and you can’t hold off. So smaller markets and innovative ideas are better. Sometimes, just go with the flow and you’ll get to the money. You know, I can’t tell which method is better, both can work well. But here’s the thing. If you want to make Facebook work, you need to devote some money there. You won’t see success with $30 budgets. You need more like $200 to $300 to get some data as CPC will be higher at first and you’ll lose money. So keep that in mind when doing FaceBook.

That’s all for the first post on facebook. I’m gonna have to write a guide like every other asshole blogger out there I guess for some cheap traffic lol. But this topic is huge and there are shitloads of small things to cover. Meanwhile, if you do FB, try breaking the CTR barrier I mentioned. $0.07 should be minimum for you. Good luck :)

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Tracking, Cloaking & Other Stuff

Here’s the post I read from Nana of T202 team:

Very good post and has lots of information in it. But what’s the most important is the cloaking part. We as affiliates always try to protect our assets. While not a brick & mortar businesses, our assets are often times digital and non-tangible.

Cloaking your links has been a dogma in affiliate marketing world for quite a while. You must cloak links or some assholes will steal your clickbank commissions. You must cloak your links or CPA network AM’s will see your traffic sources and steal your campaigns. While that does happen, and there’s always a threat, this post shows you the benefits of doing the opposite.

Cloaking your links will cost you. Not $$’s, but time, which is even more valuable. Every second your site delays to load content costs you money. It’s a proven fact. Read that article, they show the research done by top companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google. For PPV guys it’s even more crucial. You get tons of visitors. Each impression counts as a visitor. While it’s cheap, you spend only $10 per day and think that it’s not much traffic, you actually get roughly about 1000 visitors per day. Spend $100/day and you’re doing 10,000 visitors a day. Now that really can bog your shitty shared Bluehost server. Why Bluehost? They suck balls that’s why. Worst server uptime of all. Anyway…

Cloaking is bad, mkay… Well, not exactly bad, but it can cost you in terms of conversion rates, EPC’s. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I’ve done some lame ass testing myself and cloaking does put weight on redirects. Quite a lot actually. Now one important thing. Some new affiliates may not realize it, but there’s no reason to cloak your landing page redirects as AFF network will not see your referral anyway. Well, unless you’re trying to hide the LP. But if LP is approved, don’t cloak those damn links.

For testing, I don’t even cloak direct linking campaigns. AM’s I deal with, I trust. Maybe I’m an idiot :) But I’m sure they won’t fall for slow volume campaigns, or even big volume ones. So if you’re just starting out, don’t listen to all this stuff about cloaking. Unless you’re totally paranoiac like Mel Gibson’s character in that movie Conspiracy Theory (loved it BTW). But in any other way, try to avoid it. Your fear of losing few dollars to supposedly shady AM’s can cost you more in commissions. It’s not worth it when you’re starting out. And if you are experienced, there are ways to boost server response time. Just dig the web.

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Free CPV Scraper (1 Tip Inside)

Ok there’s a free software called LaserURL. Many folks use it, to me it seemed a little messy so I prefer online based tools. I’ve been testing one freebie from CPVDen for a while and I must say it’s really nice. Very easy to use and delivers what’s promised. Perfect alternative to paid versions.

You can choose the Google scraper. Select which country you’d like to get results from (organic results differ based on your geo-location). There are only main English speaking countries, but that’s perfectly enough. Although it scrapes only the to 5 pages of Google, it’s still a nice treat. You can select the URL’s and then instantly make 3 variations of each (removed periods, replace them with spaces).

The main CPV scraper is located here. It grabs up to 100 URL’s per search. It does G, Y, M, & Alexa as it says. This tool is a perfect one to use if you want to quickly build a large list of URL’s. Within a minute you can have 1000 URL’s. Very nice.

Promised Tip: You know how often the main URL ending with .com is competitive? That’s why some suggest digging deeper for some deeper links from the same site. If you push coupons and bid on, you know it’s very competitive. Lots of traffic too. So grabbing as many URL’s from the site is a good idea. And you can easily do that.

Just type “” without quotes into this URL scraper and it will deliver you 100 URL’s from that domain including sub-domains even. How awesome is that? You do the same in Google to find all the pages in the website indexed. I didn’t think it’s gonna work in this scraper, but it does. So here you go. Enjoy it and get those valuable impressions which now should cost you so much less.

These guys also have URL site extractor, which is very similar to what I just explained. Youtube, Quantcast, Alexa scrapers. Although Quantcast scraper is not that good. I prefer to just download top 1,000,000 URL’s and do a keyword filtering with Excel. Much better results. Here are the steps to do that:

  • Step 1Download Top 1 Million Sites from Quantcast
  • Step 2 – Copy/Paste into Excel or Similar Program
  • Step 3 – In Excel at least, select the columns with URL’s, click Data > Filter. You’ll see arrow button show up at the top of the selected data column. Click that > Text Filters > Contains… Enter you keyword or phrase without spaces and click to filter. Now you can see all domains containing the word “CreditReport” for example.

Very neat technique and has found me a few nice little gems which bring me money for months.

There you go. Enjoy these free tools and save money on paid ones, at least until you can afford to pay for them. It takes very little effort and time if you want to find a bunch of targeted keywords. So pick those low payout zip submits, dating & groupon offers and get some targets for them with CPVDen. Not sure how long they’ll continue to provide this tool for free, but use it while you can.

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p202 Geo-Conversion Discovery Method

This one I just spotted today at Traffic + Conversion blog.

If you advertise on a self serve platform that allows to further geo-target your campaigns like states or even cities (FB/PPC comes to mind), then you can use this technique to learn which states and cities converted for you.

While this method is not automated and does require some manual labor, it’s quite easy and you can turn your 20% ROI campaigns to 100% ROI just by targeting the right geo-locations. If you’re too lazy to read the original source, here are the steps for you:

  1. Step – In P202 go to visitors section and set it to show converted IP’s only.
  2. Step – Copy those IP’s & paste into MaxMind’s address locator textarea.
  3. Step – Take a note of all states, cities converted.
  4. Step – Create new campaigns for converted geo-locations.

Simple as that. And it’s totally free to use. So if you’re struggling with finding good tracking tool that reports geo-locations automatically, at least you can use this one for a while to improve your campaigns and boost ROI’s.

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Non-Business Skills to Master for Affiliate Success

Affiliate business is a type of business that requires extremely low investment and rewards can be very quick and very huge. For some. For most of us it takes years maybe even decades to achieve real success online. Whenever you start something new you fail. Failing when your personal money is at stake is not a sexy thing. You success depends on how hard you want it and how much you’re willing to work at it. If you have some money, maybe you have business, side income, you can invest money into hiring pros to do all the work for you. If you’re like most newbies starting out and have no cash, then your best bet is to acquire skills you’ll need later for success.


One of the most important skills I see people have is the ability to program. Yep, as weird as it sounds, PHP guys are always ahead in affiliate, CPA game. They know how to automate things with this technology and save themselves a lot of time. Creating their own automated blog content scripts, URL scrapers, data feed systems and so on… There are a ton I haven’t heard of yet. But programming is very useful skill to have. So if you’re in this or planning to learn, I suggest you do so. I haven’t, but I make monies so I hire folks to do whatever I want for me ;)

Web Design/Development

This is probably crucial for you. If you’re going to go anywhere in this game you need to learn how to make at least basic landing page, how to copy someone else’s and change what you need. How to FTP pages to your servers and all the stuff. I don’t think I would be anywhere without this skill. As much as you might hate it, this stuff is important. I constantly make, tweak landing pages myself, cuz I love to do that and know what works and what doesn’t. You can get Dreamweaver cheap or find free web development software to help you do basic editing of HTML, CSS. It’s not rocket science, but it takes time to learn.


I’m not even gonna categorize it. Photoshop is the major player in town and it’s really useful. Making banners, web graphics especially. I find image I want to turn into Facebook 110×80 size format. All I need is drag n’ drop into PSD interface and re-size it to whatever I need. Plus other tricks. There are tons really. I use it on almost a daily basis. It’s a great tool and help you immensely. It’s not hard to use. I’m sure you can find some free ones to help you with basic editing, but this is what I love to use.

These are just major ones I mentioned, but frankly, you will go into obstacles each and everyday. And you’ll need to learn some new things to get things moving. It’s never ending. The more you stick around and educate yourself, the more you’re going to learn and the sooner you’ll achieve financial success.

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