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Shitty Blogs vs. Authority Sites for SEO

This one’s been bugging me for a long time. I’ve done authority sites in the past and I’ve done quick blogs for one keyword. For someone who’s planning on diving into SEO, this could be a real dilemma.

SEO requires a lot of patience and results aren’t quick. So picking the right strategy is key if you want to rip the profits in the future. In this article I’d like to discuss pros, cons and something from my experience doing both ways to help you decide better.

Shitty Blogs – Easy Quick Cash?

Nope. Lol. Everyone’s been talking about how you can make easy money, rank highly in search engines within weeks with a tiny blog with 3 posts or … Read the rest »

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Major Search Engine Optimization Tip

I figured I’ll share this with my readers as many of you folks love to get something free. Heck I even started this site as a free giveaway resource to affiliates. Well, SEO is one of those long term things that don’t jump up and down like a media buy on a site that gets 60% return visitors. You can secure your income much better this way and actually make nice money whether with Adsense or affiliate programs.

Ok, let’s get to the point.

You know how everyone is saying that you need to have a keyword in your TLD (top level domain) or else it’s going to be hard to rank for your search phrases? Well, I’ll tell you … Read the rest »

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