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Adwords Automated Rules – Some Good Shit

Ok, if you haven’t been kicked out of Google, it’s time to get happy. Seriously, I hate them, but they’re constantly doing some good stuff people like. Well, this time they’re doing something good for you too – affiliate, which is rare. Without further ado, here’s video straight from Google about it. It’s pretty nuts.

Adwords just introduced automated bidding system that anyone can use. Gosh, I’ve been dreaming about this 4 years back when I was heavy into this PPC game. To be able to set specific rules and leave it automatically to adjust itself without ever lifting a finger yourself. Magic!

It’s especially good for client managers. If you have lots of clients, your daily tasks are pretty … Read the rest »

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Rumors Say: AdCenter Allows Trademarks !!!

Ok I’ve been hearing this for quite some time now. If you don’t know, major search alliance Yahoo/Bing now sort of allow brand/trademark bidding. You can’t use that in your ad copy, but you can bid on those search terms. If you’re not aware, this is major thing and can result in some quick and easy cash.

I remember my highest ROI campaigns were always the trademark bidded ones. Although they lasted only 4 to 6 months sometimes, I was able to float on that wave of easy and laser targeted traffic. CTR can be shit and you never know when they can catch you. I was doing it with Google back in the day. MSN/Yahoo never allowed it. Now … Read the rest »

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