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Good Post from Finch about Traffic Arbitrage

This guy produces some solid posts. You should keep checking his blog when you got time:

Above is another post where he talks about spamming world and what it takes for them to generate a sale. You can read full article in NYTimes. What’s interesting is that it takes around 12 million spam emails for a spammer to generate one sale of Viagra pills for $100. I had no idea what their conversion rate was, but I definitely thought it’s much higher than that. Nevertheless spam still exists. And the reason is, despite the shittiest conversion rates like this, they still make money. The point here is no matter what your EPC’s, CR’s, ECPM’s are… if you … Read the rest »

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How to Get Paid for International Affiliates?

I have a few buddies of mine that reside outside US. They complain to me that getting paid is a pain in the ass sometimes. Some networks don’t pay via Paypal, so check or wire transfer is the only way. Check takes time to travel, weeks, months in some cases. Wire costs money, $25 minimum no matter what the amount of money is. So that leaves many poor affiliate struggling with cash flow. But here’s a company someone mentioned to me that makes many aff’s happy.


They issue prepaid debit cards to almost anyone in the world. Their rates are ok, but frankly it’s the only option international folks should consider. Why? Because they offer virtual US bank accountRead the rest »

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New Website Design & Other Stuff

Hey guys,

It’s been like 4 or 5 months and I already got tired of the site looks :) I tried to make it look clean and also user friendly. I’ll probably be editing a few things here and there, but this should help you navigate easier and read more comfortably with larger font size. Well I did this according to all those web design tips and tricks and also my own guts.

Let me know what you think, ok.

And a little update:

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now and decided to offer several free landing pages for PPV. Yeah, I know if you follow Justin Dupre, he’s selling those and also giving away for … Read the rest »

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p202 Geo-Conversion Discovery Method

This one I just spotted today at Traffic + Conversion blog.

If you advertise on a self serve platform that allows to further geo-target your campaigns like states or even cities (FB/PPC comes to mind), then you can use this technique to learn which states and cities converted for you.

While this method is not automated and does require some manual labor, it’s quite easy and you can turn your 20% ROI campaigns to 100% ROI just by targeting the right geo-locations. If you’re too lazy to read the original source, here are the steps for you:

  1. Step – In P202 go to visitors section and set it to show converted IP’s only.
  2. Step – Copy those IP’s &
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Split Testing: Where, What, How?

For anyone serious about making money online or offline split testing is one of the most important elements of a successful campaign. Books have been written about it hundreds of years ago by marketing pioneers like David Ogilvy on the importance of testing. In my opinion, doesn’t matter it’s online or offline, testing is a must thing to do. Whether you’re trying to find a date or achieve success in Adwords, it’s crucial to test. Even more so with all the competition that comes in and tests each and every day.

Ok, so let’s get to the juice. How do you go about it? Where do you start? Many new guys are a bit confused when it comes to testing. … Read the rest »

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Sometimes You Just Need to Go with Your Instincts

I remember when I was  starting out and it was pretty tough for me. The one thing that made me successful was just having the guts to go with my own intuition.

Right now in CPA world especially, you sometimes have people that try to turn you one or another direction. In CPA network it’s your affiliate manager. How many times you’ve received an offer that supposed to be the new hot shit on the plate? AM tells you it’s awesome, converts at so and so %, and of course you give it a shot. And after running the offer for a day or two you realize that it doesn’t work. You don’t make money. It happens all the time.… Read the rest »

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Free Tracking Platforms – BevoMedia Wins!

I just heard about bevo media launching a tracking platform quite recently. I got in the early list and when it was launched I didn’t hesitate to check it out. They claimed that they offer free tracking, but whatever I tried to click on, I was redirected to the upgrade or sale page. Price is good – $19.95 per month. For a good tracking it’s nothing. But problem compared to prosper202 is that it’s hosted on their servers. Technically anyone could see your numbers, campaigns and just copy your stuff. I’m not paranoid, nor shuld you be when you start. No one will probably copy your $10/day campaign. And if you’re doing $50 to $100/day profit, then get VPS and … Read the rest »

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Happy Holidays for Everyone!

Nothing much, just wanted to wish you happy holidays. More prosperity in 2011 and have some great time with your family!

Warm Regards!… Read the rest »

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Have you subscribed to dozens of IM guru newsletter and your mind is blowing from information and constant emails you get in your inbox?

The same was with me. One day I just couldn’t handle any more emails and unsubscribed from almost all the big guys in marketing industry ezines. Due to info overload and also due to the fact that information wasn’t relevant anymore. Maybe some of them became too detached from the rest of affiliates :) who know…

So where I’m getting at?

Well, if you’ve been online for some time you should know about an awesome affiliate blog post aggregation called I check it few times a week. It’s probably the best resource you can … Read the rest »

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First Post on FMZ Blog!

Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Well, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted in years to this site, but kept it anyway. Good for domain age shit right. But before new year is coming, I’ve decided to revamp this whole site and add a blog to it. The site pretty much sucks as the info is 7 years old lol. Yeah, I’m too lazy. I guess I’ll need to refresh some stuff some day.

Anyway, throughout all these years I’ve been involved in internet marketing heavily. Doing all kinds of shit. Some stuff you wouldn’t even want to know :-) So what else I can do? Just post my experience and tips to you guys. Why I want to share … Read the rest »

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