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Outsourcing People Outside US – Price vs. Quality

For any business to reach its goals, expansion is inevitable. Big dogs hire hundreds of employees to get the job done. Internet marketers, affiliates need to hire one or few people as well. Doing everything yourself is a suicide no matter how much you hate trusting others.

But internet folks tend to save money and as long as it’s internet and everything is worldwide, you hire people online, from 3rd world countries usually. Whether that is a good idea or not, we’ll discuss here today.

Pros of Hiring Workers 3rd World

  • Price – It’s the only reason in my opinion why you’d rather outsource the work to someone in India or Pakistan. If you’re making $50/day profit from affiliate efforts,
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Are You Creating a Business or Just Wasting Shots in Marketing?

You and I have heard this many times before, but this is really what it comes down to. Having a business and having a profitable affiliate campaign is not the same. Heck, even a lot of brick & mortar businesses don’t get this right. Where I’m getting at here?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – what a great book. Although there are a lot of repetition and pretty much the same thought is repeated throughout the whole book, but it lets you realize something. Until you have a consistent cash-flow going on, you don’t have a business.

Robert Kiyosaki keeps on talking about the importance of building assets and how they differ from liabilities. Simply put, assets are what makes you … Read the rest »

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