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Keywords/Placements or Ads – Which are More Important?

In affiliate marketing optimization is everything. 99% of the time you start with a losing campaign and only make it profitable through optimization. But if you’re very new, you might be wondering how to properly optimize a campaign.

For newbs I always recommend starting with self serve platforms on CPC basis. For Facebook it’s all clear. You optimize banners while testing targeting (age, keywords). But many platforms (including RON media buys) will give you ability to work on keywords or placements and ads. So you have 2 metrics to work on.

Let’s take a look at a quick example of Adwords campaign:
(BTW I don’t do Adwords, this is just an example :-)

Let’s say you’re running mature dating campaign … Read the rest »

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How to Easyli Resize to CPV (800×600) Window?

Just recently stumbled upon this ridiculously simple thing that eases my life now.

You know when making PPV LP’s at 800×600 window you need to test if your ‘creation’ fits into the window and doesn’t create any scroll bars? Well what I did I created a colored CSS div with 800×600 size and 0 padding for “body” to have exact measures. I had to constantly drag the damn window to fit that colored element to have the precise 800×600 size. Then open my newly created landing page in another tab to see if it fits or not.

Pain in the ass when you’re into making many LP’s.

But what happens when you click the link that leads you to the … Read the rest »

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MixRank – Free Ad Spying Tool (Use While it’s Free)

Everyone seems to have noticed MixRank. I’ve used it and it rocks. And yes, it’s FREE. So click the link, join and start spying man.

MixRank shows you best performing text ads, banners for advertisers. And they also show you where those ads are running and when the ad was last seen. Holy @#$!@#, this is GOLD.

Let’s take look shall we?

Let’s pretend we are planning to test a penny auctions campaign. Offers come and go, it’s unstable, but profitable. So what do we do? We can blindly test our message and hope it’ll work, or we can spy.

1. Go to

2. In the main search box, type in the domain of the #1 auction site

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Best and Worst Autoresponder Review

Alright, this post is going to be a little rant, but I gotta get this off my chest lol.

I’ve written some articles on autoresponders and have recommended a few. That was years ago and I didn’t bother to update the info. Well, things have changed a little and now there’s more than just Aweber and Getresponse for autoresponders. Anwyay…

Fucking Aweber

Aweber is probably #1 service for autoresponders now. They have tons of traffic and almost everyone loves them. I liked them too until few days ago…

What happened?

Fuckers just shut down my account.

Why you ask?

They found a link in one of my emails they “banned”. It was direct link from CPA network. Not sure which … Read the rest »

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How to Redirect After “Like” on Your Facebook Page?

That was bugging me for a while. I had to dig this shit so deep, play with some stupid FBML scripts found in forums that are usually unfinished and you don’t know WTF to do next. Can’t those retards just post step by step guide lol…

But anyway, what the heck I was talking about here…

Oh yeah, the redirect thing.

You’ve seen some marketers and larger brand pages use this technique. It’s very neat to force people to “like” your page. For non fan you show one page and after they like your page, you present them another page inside the tab. It could be some cool tips, report or anything. Well, thanx to internet marketing wizard (read his … Read the rest »

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Outsourcing People Outside US – Price vs. Quality

For any business to reach its goals, expansion is inevitable. Big dogs hire hundreds of employees to get the job done. Internet marketers, affiliates need to hire one or few people as well. Doing everything yourself is a suicide no matter how much you hate trusting others.

But internet folks tend to save money and as long as it’s internet and everything is worldwide, you hire people online, from 3rd world countries usually. Whether that is a good idea or not, we’ll discuss here today.

Pros of Hiring Workers 3rd World

  • Price – It’s the only reason in my opinion why you’d rather outsource the work to someone in India or Pakistan. If you’re making $50/day profit from affiliate efforts,
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Are You Creating a Business or Just Wasting Shots in Marketing?

You and I have heard this many times before, but this is really what it comes down to. Having a business and having a profitable affiliate campaign is not the same. Heck, even a lot of brick & mortar businesses don’t get this right. Where I’m getting at here?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – what a great book. Although there are a lot of repetition and pretty much the same thought is repeated throughout the whole book, but it lets you realize something. Until you have a consistent cash-flow going on, you don’t have a business.

Robert Kiyosaki keeps on talking about the importance of building assets and how they differ from liabilities. Simply put, assets are what makes you … Read the rest »

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Good Post from Finch about Traffic Arbitrage

This guy produces some solid posts. You should keep checking his blog when you got time:

Above is another post where he talks about spamming world and what it takes for them to generate a sale. You can read full article in NYTimes. What’s interesting is that it takes around 12 million spam emails for a spammer to generate one sale of Viagra pills for $100. I had no idea what their conversion rate was, but I definitely thought it’s much higher than that. Nevertheless spam still exists. And the reason is, despite the shittiest conversion rates like this, they still make money. The point here is no matter what your EPC’s, CR’s, ECPM’s are… if you … Read the rest »

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Super Affiliate or Not Super Affiliate

Man, for years I keep hearing these terms like super affiliate, high-roller, big baller (whatever that means lol)… and to me it seems ridiculous. Super affiliate is not the guy that once was spending $xx,xxx/day on Facebook and now washes cars in a gas station to sustain his brazilian fetish porn addiction. Super affiliate (I hate that term) is someone who is able to make money constantly, for years. Not just have one time shot when Google bizopp kits and Acai’s were making a lot of people’s lives miserable.

And everyone has a different perception of who is super or mega anyway. When I first heard that people are making $10,000/month on internet, I was blown away. Then was blown … Read the rest »

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How to Get Paid for International Affiliates?

I have a few buddies of mine that reside outside US. They complain to me that getting paid is a pain in the ass sometimes. Some networks don’t pay via Paypal, so check or wire transfer is the only way. Check takes time to travel, weeks, months in some cases. Wire costs money, $25 minimum no matter what the amount of money is. So that leaves many poor affiliate struggling with cash flow. But here’s a company someone mentioned to me that makes many aff’s happy.


They issue prepaid debit cards to almost anyone in the world. Their rates are ok, but frankly it’s the only option international folks should consider. Why? Because they offer virtual US bank accountRead the rest »

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