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How to Easyli Resize to CPV (800×600) Window?

Just recently stumbled upon this ridiculously simple thing that eases my life now.

You know when making PPV LP’s at 800×600 window you need to test if your ‘creation’ fits into the window and doesn’t create any scroll bars? Well what I did I created a colored CSS div with 800×600 size and 0 padding for “body” to have exact measures. I had to constantly drag the damn window to fit that colored element to have the precise 800×600 size. Then open my newly created landing page in another tab to see if it fits or not.

Pain in the ass when you’re into making many LP’s.

But what happens when you click the link that leads you to the … Read the rest »

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MixRank – Free Ad Spying Tool (Use While it’s Free)

Everyone seems to have noticed MixRank. I’ve used it and it rocks. And yes, it’s FREE. So click the link, join and start spying man.

MixRank shows you best performing text ads, banners for advertisers. And they also show you where those ads are running and when the ad was last seen. Holy @#$!@#, this is GOLD.

Let’s take look shall we?

Let’s pretend we are planning to test a penny auctions campaign. Offers come and go, it’s unstable, but profitable. So what do we do? We can blindly test our message and hope it’ll work, or we can spy.

1. Go to

2. In the main search box, type in the domain of the #1 auction site

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Best and Worst Autoresponder Review

Alright, this post is going to be a little rant, but I gotta get this off my chest lol.

I’ve written some articles on autoresponders and have recommended a few. That was years ago and I didn’t bother to update the info. Well, things have changed a little and now there’s more than just Aweber and Getresponse for autoresponders. Anwyay…

Fucking Aweber

Aweber is probably #1 service for autoresponders now. They have tons of traffic and almost everyone loves them. I liked them too until few days ago…

What happened?

Fuckers just shut down my account.

Why you ask?

They found a link in one of my emails they “banned”. It was direct link from CPA network. Not sure which … Read the rest »

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