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“Entering the Facebook Beast”

For many affiliates, Facebook now sounds like Google. A gigantic company that screws small affiliates over and over again, even when there’s no reason to do so. Let me tell you, from my experience, Facebook is unlike any other marketing platform out there. It’s very unique and therefore can be very difficult for affiliates to make money with it. On the other hand, for those lucky ones, it can be the best marketing friend.

When I started with Facebook, I blew it miserably. I lost all the money with the first test and no results. Even though I targeted my¬†demographics¬†and all that shit. I think the problem was I was selling paid product instead of CPL offer. Although … Read the rest »

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Tracking, Cloaking & Other Stuff

Here’s the post I read from Nana of T202 team:

Very good post and has lots of information in it. But what’s the most important is the cloaking part. We as affiliates always try to protect our assets. While not a brick & mortar businesses, our assets are often times digital and non-tangible.

Cloaking your links has been a dogma in affiliate marketing world for quite a while. You must cloak links or some assholes will steal your clickbank commissions. You must cloak your links or CPA network AM’s will see your traffic sources and steal your campaigns. While that does happen, and there’s always a threat, this post shows you the benefits of doing the opposite.

Cloaking your … Read the rest »

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Free CPV Scraper (1 Tip Inside)

Ok there’s a free software called LaserURL. Many folks use it, to me it seemed a little messy so I prefer online based tools. I’ve been testing one freebie from CPVDen for a while and I must say it’s really nice. Very easy to use and delivers what’s promised. Perfect alternative to paid versions.

You can choose the Google scraper. Select which country you’d like to get results from (organic results differ based on your geo-location). There are only main English speaking countries, but that’s perfectly enough. Although it scrapes only the to 5 pages of Google, it’s still a nice treat. You can select the URL’s and then instantly make 3 variations of each (removed periods, replace them with … Read the rest »

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p202 Geo-Conversion Discovery Method

This one I just spotted today at Traffic + Conversion blog.

If you advertise on a self serve platform that allows to further geo-target your campaigns like states or even cities (FB/PPC comes to mind), then you can use this technique to learn which states and cities converted for you.

While this method is not automated and does require some manual labor, it’s quite easy and you can turn your 20% ROI campaigns to 100% ROI just by targeting the right geo-locations. If you’re too lazy to read the original source, here are the steps for you:

  1. Step – In P202 go to visitors section and set it to show converted IP’s only.
  2. Step – Copy those IP’s &
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