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Non-Business Skills to Master for Affiliate Success

Affiliate business is a type of business that requires extremely low investment and rewards can be very quick and very huge. For some. For most of us it takes years maybe even decades to achieve real success online. Whenever you start something new you fail. Failing when your personal money is at stake is not a sexy thing. You success depends on how hard you want it and how much you’re willing to work at it. If you have some money, maybe you have business, side income, you can invest money into hiring pros to do all the work for you. If you’re like most newbies starting out and have no cash, then your best bet is to acquire skills … Read the rest »

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Adwords Automated Rules – Some Good Shit

Ok, if you haven’t been kicked out of Google, it’s time to get happy. Seriously, I hate them, but they’re constantly doing some good stuff people like. Well, this time they’re doing something good for you too – affiliate, which is rare. Without further ado, here’s video straight from Google about it. It’s pretty nuts.

Adwords just introduced automated bidding system that anyone can use. Gosh, I’ve been dreaming about this 4 years back when I was heavy into this PPC game. To be able to set specific rules and leave it automatically to adjust itself without ever lifting a finger yourself. Magic!

It’s especially good for client managers. If you have lots of clients, your daily tasks are pretty … Read the rest »

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Another Awesome Free Resource to Learn From

In the beginning of this blog I mentioned AffBuzz and how cool it is. It’s a syndication of many blogs to look at and keep learning from. Well one blog out of that syndication is CPATank.

I really like these guys.

They give really good inside information on what’s hot and even how to run the offers. Facebook or PPV. Pretty much the best tips you can get. So if you haven’t stumbled upon them, here they are, good stuff:

Another killer information provider is Blamads. I think it’s run by Ryan Eagle (EWA network). The kid is awesome and knows his shit. On this Blamads blog they also provide some great information on what offers to run and … Read the rest »

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Good Article for Newbie Marketers

Here’s a cool article I just read on blog written by Jonathan Harricharan, an affiliate manager at This article shows 2 real life examples. 2 affiliates he started working with a year ago.

Click here to read full story

It’s really important reading that shows how your mindset is the determining factor in your career. Most people get it wrong and fail. Damn, I’ve done exactly the same mistakes myself. But the true key is to focus on something and stick to it until you master it. No matter if it’s traffic source or the niche market you’re in. Other guys will outsmart you if you’re wasting time jumping from offer to offer, from traffic source to … Read the rest »

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Rumors Say: AdCenter Allows Trademarks !!!

Ok I’ve been hearing this for quite some time now. If you don’t know, major search alliance Yahoo/Bing now sort of allow brand/trademark bidding. You can’t use that in your ad copy, but you can bid on those search terms. If you’re not aware, this is major thing and can result in some quick and easy cash.

I remember my highest ROI campaigns were always the trademark bidded ones. Although they lasted only 4 to 6 months sometimes, I was able to float on that wave of easy and laser targeted traffic. CTR can be shit and you never know when they can catch you. I was doing it with Google back in the day. MSN/Yahoo never allowed it. Now … Read the rest »

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Split Testing: Where, What, How?

For anyone serious about making money online or offline split testing is one of the most important elements of a successful campaign. Books have been written about it hundreds of years ago by marketing pioneers like David Ogilvy on the importance of testing. In my opinion, doesn’t matter it’s online or offline, testing is a must thing to do. Whether you’re trying to find a date or achieve success in Adwords, it’s crucial to test. Even more so with all the competition that comes in and tests each and every day.

Ok, so let’s get to the juice. How do you go about it? Where do you start? Many new guys are a bit confused when it comes to testing. … Read the rest »

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Major Search Engine Optimization Tip

I figured I’ll share this with my readers as many of you folks love to get something free. Heck I even started this site as a free giveaway resource to affiliates. Well, SEO is one of those long term things that don’t jump up and down like a media buy on a site that gets 60% return visitors. You can secure your income much better this way and actually make nice money whether with Adsense or affiliate programs.

Ok, let’s get to the point.

You know how everyone is saying that you need to have a keyword in your TLD (top level domain) or else it’s going to be hard to rank for your search phrases? Well, I’ll tell you … Read the rest »

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Examples of Good & Bad PPV Campaigns

In my previous post I talked about getting back on your feet by setting small goals. And the best to way to do that is by doing cost per view marketing. Today I’ll discuss CPV in a little more depth and show you examples of what to expect with this traffic source.

I love PPV for a few reasons. No shitty reviewers like on Facebook, no fucking QS like in Adwords (and MSN now). You can run pretty much anything. Although they are getting stricter and in some cases do require disclosures on LP’s. But it’s rare. Best of all, this traffic source lets you start really small and go really big.

Yeah, everyone says it’s cheap traffic … Read the rest »

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From $500/Day to $0/Day – How To Get Back?

Some of you may be laughing at the numbers in the headline, but I’m serious. Yeah, you may be thinking that it’s not even money. But for many people in the world, this is something. We all start out somewhere and you have to set yourself some goals right.

I remember when I was starting out, I set goals of $100/day, because that’s what I’ve heard many people were aiming for. But at the time, I didn’t have a job, had almost no finances and was barely making anything online. No surprise here, I haven’t made there.

Even after years when I had my successful campaigns going, I had to learn the lessons. I felt like I’m not gonna fall … Read the rest »

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Crucial Mistakes from Media Buys

Hey guys, today I wanted to share some of my personal mistakes that cost me time and money in the beginning. I’d like you to avoid this at all cost.

Media buying is considered to be for big boys only. And it’s true to some extent. For larger volume, when we talk about direct/IO based buys, you need budget. Serious budget in some cases. But starting in media buys can be simple and easy. Sadly I had to learn it the hard way. So in this post I’ll give you some tips so you can save yourself some money and time.

Where to Start with Media Buys?

That’s where I screwed up really. Few years back in ’07 or ’08 … Read the rest »

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