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CPV – URL’s vs. Keywords

A lot of newcomers to PPV or CPV world ask which are better targets: keywords or URL’s. Here’s a simple answer – URL’s.

That’s pretty much all there is to this post lol.

URL’s are pretty much always more profitable then keywords. You can argue why, but in my opinion it’s not natural for a user to type something into a search engine and immediately get a popup with an advertisement. Even if it’s related.

Once you visit a site, you’re accustomed to seeing popups and popunders. You think it may actually be part of the site.

Tip: that’s why popping over some JC Penney CPA offer on is more profitable then simply pushing a generic offer. Targeting specific Read the rest »

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How to Craft a Successful CPA Campaign on Facebook?

Many affiliates struggle to find a successful campaign these days. The more folks join, the more competitive the traffic sources become. Which means you need to take extra steps to make things happen for yourself.

If you promote on Facebook, then you must pay attention to the resource I’ve stumbled into just recently.

FaceBook PageData

You know that in order to succeed on FB, you need to at least apply keyword or other types of targeting. Well, here you can see the stats for fanpages and popularity compared to previous date range.

Why is this good for you?

Now you can see which pages have the most viewers. Take a look at #7 – Family Guy with 24,289,363 fans on … Read the rest »

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Sometimes You Just Need to Go with Your Instincts

I remember when I was  starting out and it was pretty tough for me. The one thing that made me successful was just having the guts to go with my own intuition.

Right now in CPA world especially, you sometimes have people that try to turn you one or another direction. In CPA network it’s your affiliate manager. How many times you’ve received an offer that supposed to be the new hot shit on the plate? AM tells you it’s awesome, converts at so and so %, and of course you give it a shot. And after running the offer for a day or two you realize that it doesn’t work. You don’t make money. It happens all the time.… Read the rest »

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