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Free Tracking Platforms – BevoMedia Wins!

I just heard about bevo media launching a tracking platform quite recently. I got in the early list and when it was launched I didn’t hesitate to check it out. They claimed that they offer free tracking, but whatever I tried to click on, I was redirected to the upgrade or sale page. Price is good – $19.95 per month. For a good tracking it’s nothing. But problem compared to prosper202 is that it’s hosted on their servers. Technically anyone could see your numbers, campaigns and just copy your stuff. I’m not paranoid, nor shuld you be when you start. No one will probably copy your $10/day campaign. And if you’re doing $50 to $100/day profit, then get VPS and … Read the rest »

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Happy Holidays for Everyone!

Nothing much, just wanted to wish you happy holidays. More prosperity in 2011 and have some great time with your family!

Warm Regards!… Read the rest »

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Have you subscribed to dozens of IM guru newsletter and your mind is blowing from information and constant emails you get in your inbox?

The same was with me. One day I just couldn’t handle any more emails and unsubscribed from almost all the big guys in marketing industry ezines. Due to info overload and also due to the fact that information wasn’t relevant anymore. Maybe some of them became too detached from the rest of affiliates :) who know…

So where I’m getting at?

Well, if you’ve been online for some time you should know about an awesome affiliate blog post aggregation called I check it few times a week. It’s probably the best resource you can … Read the rest »

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First Post on FMZ Blog!

Good day ladies and gentlemen.

Well, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted in years to this site, but kept it anyway. Good for domain age shit right. But before new year is coming, I’ve decided to revamp this whole site and add a blog to it. The site pretty much sucks as the info is 7 years old lol. Yeah, I’m too lazy. I guess I’ll need to refresh some stuff some day.

Anyway, throughout all these years I’ve been involved in internet marketing heavily. Doing all kinds of shit. Some stuff you wouldn’t even want to know :-) So what else I can do? Just post my experience and tips to you guys. Why I want to share … Read the rest »

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