Keywords/Placements or Ads – Which are More Important?

In affiliate marketing optimization is everything. 99% of the time you start with a losing campaign and only make it profitable through optimization. But if you’re very new, you might be wondering how to properly optimize a campaign.

For newbs I always recommend starting with self serve platforms on CPC basis. For Facebook it’s all clear. You optimize banners while testing targeting (age, keywords). But many platforms (including RON media buys) will give you ability to work on keywords or placements and ads. So you have 2 metrics to work on.

Let’s take a look at a quick example of Adwords campaign:
(BTW I don’t do Adwords, this is just an example :-)

Let’s say you’re running mature dating campaign on content network with keywords. Your CPA is $5.00. Here are your results after spending some $$’s:

Keyword Cost per Conversion
mature dating $7.59
senior dating $4.87
single parents $9.97
50 plus dating $3.18
mature online $12.59

Only 2 keywords are putting you in green, the rest are losing badly. Now let’s look at the ads that were running:

Creative Cost per Conversion
Ad #1 $13.11
Ad #2 $4.86
Ad #3 $7.26
Ad #4 $8.06

Only Ad 2 is bringing you profit.

Your best bet is obviously run keywords “senior dating” and “50 plus dating” along with the Ad #2. This way you’re instantly become profitable. At least in theory. Why? Because each ad performs differently depending on the keyword. So the conversions for both profitable keywords may have come from every other ad except Ad #2. So once you start running your theoretically profitable combination you may realize it’s still losing you money. However, this is your best bet and that’s exactly what you should do when you are optimizing the campaigns.

But keep in mind that you’re also leaving some profitable keywords on the table.

Ie. “mature dating” has a CPA of $7.59, which isn’t that terrible. You could make it profitable with the right ad. In this case, I’d suggest isolating this keyword in a separate adgroup and run each ad against it to see if you can squeeze any profit from it. If so, congrats, you have yourself yet another profitable keyword to work with. If not, move on.

This example work for media buys too, just replace keywords with websites.

When I start campaigns, I sometimes go even into -80% ROI in the beginning. I spend $200 just to make $40 back. But if I see that there are more keywords/websites untested and some are showing results, I’ll blow through some more money to see what’s working and what’s not. It’s just that kind of game. Sometimes you gotta blow through the budget to see any profit at all. Even if it takes $500 test to start making $30/day profit. With a bunch of these campaigns you’ll make your money back and have consistent stream of tiny campaigns making you money. There’s your diversification right there…

So Keywords or Ads?

Getting back to the main question, what’s more important between keywords/placements or ads when optimizing a campaign, I’d say 9 times out of 10 it’s the keyword or placement.

From campaigns I’ve ran, the biggest ROI discrepancy is among keywords or sites. Some just don’t work at all no matter what ad you throw at it. But with ads, if you have a good placement, even your worst ad will get some conversions. So as a rule of thumb, focus on keywords/sites first. Cut the losers instantly there. Even if you have no profitable ad yet, keep the lowest cost per acquisition creative. After getting rid of some bad losing placements, you’ll find that you’re breaking even or even profiting from previously “red” ads.

This is obvious stuff, but I remember I had many questions like that when starting out and didn’t know what to do.

So getting back to our mature dating campaign example, all is simple and clear. Remove losing ads AND keywords to achieve positive ROI asap. You can then start testing other keywords when you’re making some $$. However, if things are not so shiny for you. Let’s say your best ad has CPA of $7.00 and your best keyword a CPA of $6.50… it’s still worth testing this “best” combination one more round to see if you can break even.

However, if your best keyword is costing you $10 and your top ad $8 or so, I’d probably not give it a second chance. It’s going to be next to impossible to achieve ROI, so rather move on to other campaigns.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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How to Easyli Resize to CPV (800×600) Window?

Just recently stumbled upon this ridiculously simple thing that eases my life now.

You know when making PPV LP’s at 800×600 window you need to test if your ‘creation’ fits into the window and doesn’t create any scroll bars? Well what I did I created a colored CSS div with 800×600 size and 0 padding for “body” to have exact measures. I had to constantly drag the damn window to fit that colored element to have the precise 800×600 size. Then open my newly created landing page in another tab to see if it fits or not.

Pain in the ass when you’re into making many LP’s.

But what happens when you click the link that leads you to the offer page? Sometimes those advertisers automatically rezie your window to full screen. So you have to go through the same painful resizing process again to find your 800×600 dimensions.

Well, here’s the cool and simple solution I just didn’t think about.

Automatic window resizer in a broser.

For Firefox, here are your steps:

  • Step1 : Right click on a bookmarks panel somewhere and choose “New Bookmark…”

  • Step2: In the location text box, copy and paste this code:


  • Step3: Click Add

What you’ve done is created a bookmark that with a click of a button resizes your window to the specific size preset there. You can keep that bookmark in the bokmarks panel and press it whenever you need to size-proof your HTML page for CPV. Neat huh?

One thing: In my case, that 800×600 size didn’t work. I assume they take into account the whole window size of a browser (including toolbars that you have). So you need to play around with it to find the perfect combination. Here the size that I needed to enter to get the 800×600 window:


Anyway, enjoy this little trick. It definately eases my life once in a while when I’m onto making some LP’s for CPV marketing.


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MixRank – Free Ad Spying Tool (Use While it’s Free)

Everyone seems to have noticed MixRank. I’ve used it and it rocks. And yes, it’s FREE. So click the link, join and start spying man.

MixRank shows you best performing text ads, banners for advertisers. And they also show you where those ads are running and when the ad was last seen. Holy @#$!@#, this is GOLD.

Let’s take look shall we?

Let’s pretend we are planning to test a penny auctions campaign. Offers come and go, it’s unstable, but profitable. So what do we do? We can blindly test our message and hope it’ll work, or we can spy.

1. Go to

2. In the main search box, type in the domain of the #1 auction site ATM “” and digest the data.

The first thing you’ll see is “Text Ads” section. It’ll bring you the most popular (winner) text ads. Here’s the winner as of today:

Mixrank Text Ads

It says that this ad was last seen yesterday. Publishers shows the number of sites currently running this text ad. These text ads are Adsense ads as it says in their tutorials. But it doesn’t matter as long as the message is a “winner” on over a thousands active sites. Then it should definitely work in other media places like Pulse360 or AdBlade.

Frequency is the amount of total pubs the ad appeared on. Av position in Adsense is self explanatory.

But it doesn’t stop there. Now we can move onto banners. Yes, these guys show you the top banners that the advertiser is using right now. Sweet huh?

MixRank Banners

You can easily sort banners by size to see what these guys are running. If you’re going to do a media buy campaigns with banners, then this is great stuff. Simply rip or create similar variations to start with.

And now, my favorite part – sites QuiBids is advertising on:

MixRank Websites

See the “Export” Excell button on top right corner? Click it and download all the placements Quibids advertised on. Now, in my case, I see nearly 10,000 placements in the report. I’m not sure, but whether it’s all the websites their ads are currently running on, or it’s all the placements they ever advertised on. Either way, grab some of the top ones (by volume) and start testing.

So how do we go about this data?

Easy, Quibids is advertising either directly or with farticles as I know from other research lol. So create a farticle (if your network allows that, TrafficVance is getting harder with this) and use that. Or direct link. If so, create a banner (800×600 or 300×250 even) using text you see in their text ad copy. Or banner ad copy. Make like 10 banners.

Grab first 50 or 100 top volume placements to use as targets in PPV. You can go even further and check Quancast demographic info on who’s visiting these penny auction sites. (It’s women 40+ or 25+ dudes into tech). Grab each of these placements and put into Quantcast to get reassurance that your picked target has the same demo as your offer. This way you’re risking even less.

Set up your campaign and run man. That’s all there is to it.

MixRank is gold right now for freebie seekers. So don’t snooze or you’ll lose. Signup for free now. Start collecting the data and testing those damn campaigns.

One thing that sucks is they only show largest advertisers. You’ll rarely be able to spy on affiliate campaigns or smallest bizopp advertisers for instance. But either way, it’s an awesome tool. And it’s FREE in beta mode (they’ll charge for this later).

Click Here – Visit NOW !!!


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Best and Worst Autoresponder Review

Alright, this post is going to be a little rant, but I gotta get this off my chest lol.

I’ve written some articles on autoresponders and have recommended a few. That was years ago and I didn’t bother to update the info. Well, things have changed a little and now there’s more than just Aweber and Getresponse for autoresponders. Anwyay…

Fucking Aweber

Aweber is probably #1 service for autoresponders now. They have tons of traffic and almost everyone loves them. I liked them too until few days ago…

What happened?

Fuckers just shut down my account.

Why you ask?

They found a link in one of my emails they “banned”. It was direct link from CPA network. Not sure which actually. Didn’t bother to explain, just shut down without any warning.

How about that huh?

Maybe Aweber is good for squeaky clean businesses who do double optin. But the way they treat customers is inexcusable. Fuck them. Done. My recommendation, stay the fuck away from Aweber. They’re another Google. Will screw you over in no time.


I used MailChimp as everyone says how good they are. They offer 100% free service for up to 500 subscribers, so had to try them :) Well, the interface is a little clumsy. And oh, BTW they don’t allow single optin. Holy shit, are you kidding me? Yeah, yeah everyone says double optin is more legit and every damn marketer knows double optin is the way to go… yada, yada, yada… But you know what, for some campaigns single optin is the only thing that works. So at least, I want to have that option. Not with Mailchimp. I heard they close accounts of affiliates left and right, so maybe not the best choice?


Then we have GetResponse. Old timer. But I haven’t had problems with them. Only with their coreg service, which was utter shit. But as for autoresponder, no problems, so they’re still positive on my list :-)


IContact – Allows 6 emails per subscriber per month. For additional emails you gotta pay additionally or choose higher priced plan. What the Fuck? Most of the companies offer unlimited email messages, these guys have the nerve to offer only 6 a month? I heard many use them. I haven’t tried them yet. Maybe you can give me your own opinion about these guys, but seems pretty stupid to me.

ConstantContact – Holy Shit…

Man… Signed up with them. Prices seemed alright. It said unlimited emails, so all good right. WRONG!

They only allow 10 follow up emails!

Can you believe this shit? 10 emails. Total! No way. These guys get serious traffic. Don’t know how they stay in the business.

For me 10 emails, no go. Many have a whole fucking year worth of email series setup sending every few days. These geniuses figured that 10 is perfectly enough not to bother your subscribers too much. Man oh man…

So I obviously decided to cancel the account. Well, I can’t do that. I contacted their support, and they ask me whether I have authorization to cancel the account.

Can you fucking believe that? AUTHORIZATION to cancel?

I had to call them up just to cancel the god damn account. It’s not enough to contact support, you gotta contact someone higher in hierarchy there.

Not to mention their awful navigation. They have the required “welcome” email, which I tried to edit with 0 success.

Verdict? – Stay away from them even further than Aweber. HORRIBLE SHIT – (to be polite).


Don’t know much about these guys really. Prices as I mentioned are almost the same for all of them. Seems cheaper in the beginning, and little more expensive later. They don’t show features clearly on the site, so didn’t bother to dig any further.

As for me, I can only say that I didn’t have problems with GetResponse. VR I didn’t use. So tell me your own opinion about them, I’d love to hear.

Some still recommend hosted autoresponders. From my experience delivery rates suck bad for these. For more professional use, go with services.

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How to Redirect After “Like” on Your Facebook Page?

That was bugging me for a while. I had to dig this shit so deep, play with some stupid FBML scripts found in forums that are usually unfinished and you don’t know WTF to do next. Can’t those retards just post step by step guide lol…

But anyway, what the heck I was talking about here…

Oh yeah, the redirect thing.

You’ve seen some marketers and larger brand pages use this technique. It’s very neat to force people to “like” your page. For non fan you show one page and after they like your page, you present them another page inside the tab. It could be some cool tips, report or anything. Well, thanx to internet marketing wizard (read his thorough guide) I found an insanely simple solution.

Static HTML: iframe tabs

It’s brain dead easy now to make ‘redirects’.

Once you install this app, and go to the “welcome” tab you’ll face something like this:

HTML iframe blank

Now you put in any info you want in the first tab for non-fans (before liking) and then in a second textarea put whatever for the fans (after ‘liking’ your page).

The simplest thing is to use large image asking folks to like your page in first tab and then image in a second one. Image source has to be externally hosted, like your website or 3rd party host. But you can also put regular HTML in it. However, if you want to style HTML, you must include ext. CSS style-sheet at the top like this:

HTML FB iframe content

Save your changes.

And one more thing. Go to your page settings in FB and change the default page from wall to this welcome page. People will land on it, and if you do a good job, will be forced to “like” your page.

You build fans with FB promos and if content is good, page will grow by itself. You can promote to these folks for years and make your money back in no time. Maybe. Or maybe not lol. Test if for yourself.

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Outsourcing People Outside US – Price vs. Quality

For any business to reach its goals, expansion is inevitable. Big dogs hire hundreds of employees to get the job done. Internet marketers, affiliates need to hire one or few people as well. Doing everything yourself is a suicide no matter how much you hate trusting others.

But internet folks tend to save money and as long as it’s internet and everything is worldwide, you hire people online, from 3rd world countries usually. Whether that is a good idea or not, we’ll discuss here today.

Pros of Hiring Workers 3rd World

  • Price – It’s the only reason in my opinion why you’d rather outsource the work to someone in India or Pakistan. If you’re making $50/day profit from affiliate efforts, you’d rather hire a guy for $1/100 words to write articles for your new SEO site, instead of paying 5x-10x that much for cheap English speaking fellow.

Cons of Outsourcing Outside US

  • Quality – You get what you pay for I keep realizing more and more. Folks from 3rd world don’t know English as well as you do. It means they’ll deliver content (if it’s article writing) that’s much poorer and often times hardly readable. If it’s coding, you’ll get more complicated than they should be PHP lines. Sad but true.

It’s ridiculous, but these are the only pros and cons I could think of lol.

From my personal experience, this holds true 95% of the time. I’ve hired coders and writers. Once in a while, you’ll find a golden nugget. A person that charges little, but produces amazing quality stuff. In such case, bump the salary and do whatever it takes to keep that person. However, most of the time, you just get sub-par quality that requires editing.

For example, I’ve tested 5 article writers this spring. Out of 5, 4 were miserable to be brutally honest. 1 was decent. I keep working with that 1 person up till now on some small projects.

Problem is that when you need shitty quality content for your crappy SEO blogs, you’ll be OK with poor writing and grammatical errors. All you’re trying to do is rank that WP blog for exact match on Google’s top 10. Not win any writing awards. But if you have a few older ‘authority’ sites with unique solid content, you can’t put up with shit like that. You need good content for your returning visitors. Therefore you need to read and edit. And oh boy can that be a pain in the ass sometimes lol…

I remember years ago when I hired a dude from India to write 50 articles for me. Out of his samples, quality was great. But when he started writing new ones, I was almost horrified. No sentence logic, tons of grammatical errors. I figured he just took long time or stole someone’s articles for samples and then kept producing crap. Dunno. But problem was I had to edit his articles. And sentences were written in such complicated way that it took me more time to edit the goddamn article, than writing one myself. I probably should just not pay the guy at all, but I was a weakling at the time. Had hard times saying no, felt sorry for the poor guys. I’ve learned from my mistake. I never hire 1st guy for serious projects until I test a bunch first. You gotta test everything remember!

I’ve also hired coders for a simple 20 field PHP/Ajax loan form back in the day. Hired one guy to write the code, was cheap like $20 bucks. It was such a mess. Had to go back and forth to get the form working. The guy didn’t listen to my notes at all. Then hired another guy from India to fix problems I’ve found later. He fixed it and the code size increased by 30%. Then by accident I stumbled upon coder from US that charged exactly the same. $20 for small code. It was probably too easy for him anyway… He looked at the code, laughed and then produced his version in 30 minutes that was 4x smaller and everything was working perfectly. To me that was incredible.

Final Thoughts

Now I’m not going to say that you must hire English speaking people only. It depends on the task. There’s a reason why Elance, Freelancer are such popular services. You can find quality there at affordable rate, but it doesn’t happen often. I heard Philippines are good, but I’ve had bad experience with them too so I guess it doesn’t matter much which 2nd tier country you choose really.

I’ll just say this. If you want quality stuff, you better look at hiring English speaking people. Yes, they charge a lot more compared to the other guys, but quality is there. They get it, and you don’t need to waste your time re-editing the damn article for a whole hour. There are many people that undercharge like single moms, disabled people, students who need cash and so on… And in the end, you can always negotiate with them.

I’ve learned that it’s better to pay more for good quality, then lose your nerves and waste time with cheap labor. It’s just the way it is. And while some people fear that 3rd world will take over with the cheap labor, I say it’s far from the truth. At least not yet. Try hiring 30 to 50 people outside US and you’ll see what I mean.

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Are You Creating a Business or Just Wasting Shots in Marketing?

You and I have heard this many times before, but this is really what it comes down to. Having a business and having a profitable affiliate campaign is not the same. Heck, even a lot of brick & mortar businesses don’t get this right. Where I’m getting at here?

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” – what a great book. Although there are a lot of repetition and pretty much the same thought is repeated throughout the whole book, but it lets you realize something. Until you have a consistent cash-flow going on, you don’t have a business.

Robert Kiyosaki keeps on talking about the importance of building assets and how they differ from liabilities. Simply put, assets are what makes you money, liability is what takes money away from you. He is the real-estate buff, an investor. So these are the main areas how he creates wealth. He talks about creating passive streams of income as the main way to gain financial independence. And this is so true in affiliate world as well.

As affiliates, we keep hearing “keep on pumpin’ those campaigns”, “start 20 campaigns to find one profitable…” and so on… But even when you do find that one golden nugget that makes you profit. How long will it last? Sooner or later campaigns die out. You have no money. What’s then? Back to testing more campaigns. So is that a business? Nope. It’s a job. Job without job security as I look at it. If you want a business, you have to make money work for you, not you work for money. So what happens essentially is you’re spending all your time and effort into making these short lasting campaigns.

Ok, I’m not saying it’s bad. In some situations, it’s the only thing you can do, if you don’t have much cash. But keep on thinking about the future. Will you want to keep on cranking those campaigns or you want freedom and consistent cash-flow?

So how do you achieve that?

Well, as I keep reading all the wealthy folks made their riches by great ideas (Gates, Zuckerberg (well he stole that, but…)) or investments and real estate (Robert Allen (you can see his bizopp floating on CPA networks), Kiyosaki, Trump). So the route seems pretty clear if you’re not the most creative person in the world.

But first – you need money. You can’t start building assets, making investemnts until you have a huge pile of money in your bank account.

Or can you…?

Real estate requires some solid sums of money upfront. Well, if you’re good you can probably get around that, but I know nothing about it, so all I have is my narrow view. But on internet world, an alternative to real estate is – digital real estate. Yup. Websites, domains, email lists. That’s all an asset that keeps making money, consistently.

I wasn’t a fan of this before, but it seems like a no brainier for anyone starting out. Best of all, prices can be ridiculous. Let’s take for example. You can buy or sell websites there. I’ve seen sites than make $50-$200/month selling for $400-$600. In some cases you can make a real deal there.

So if you’re on a shoestring budget, and have $1000 to invest totally. Think what’s better. To blow $200 on Adsonar test, $500 on Pulse, $300 on PPV campaigns, just to have some data MAYBE, or have nothing at the end?


Take that $1000 and invest in a couple of websites in niches that are going to be strong. Websites with Google Pagerank and history. with unique content and SEO done? In my book, $200/month is much more stable than $1000 of cash in your pocket. Especially when you need to be blowing money on testing new campaigns on paid traffic anyway.

So think about building assets in digital world. You don’t need to be filthy rich, you can actually start with very little. But if you start building assets right now, after years you’ll realize how rich get richer. It’s the wealth they build. It’s the money making money. Passive streams of income that no temporary and competitive penny auction campaign can replace. This is the true wealth building. And you can start doing that right now.

If you’re not into buying/selling websites, it’s ok, neither am I. There are many ways to make passive income. SEO is one of them. Building contact database is another. You can come up with more examples. All I’m trying to say is start thinking of what you’re doing as a business. Long term, stable business. Even if you don’t have enough money now. Keep this thought in mind and you’ll thank yourself later.

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Good Post from Finch about Traffic Arbitrage

This guy produces some solid posts. You should keep checking his blog when you got time:

Above is another post where he talks about spamming world and what it takes for them to generate a sale. You can read full article in NYTimes. What’s interesting is that it takes around 12 million spam emails for a spammer to generate one sale of Viagra pills for $100. I had no idea what their conversion rate was, but I definitely thought it’s much higher than that. Nevertheless spam still exists. And the reason is, despite the shittiest conversion rates like this, they still make money. The point here is no matter what your EPC’s, CR’s, ECPM’s are… if you can get traffic cheap enough to profit, you’re in business.

Finch put it this way:

It hardly matters if you convert at 10% or 1% on an affiliate offer, only that you understand the mechanics of the equation better than your competition. You could be the best sales writer in the world but if you have no understanding of the arbitrage attached to your work, you can never be a successful affiliate marketer.

You don’t need to jump on Pulse360 and bid $2 a click to get any impressions on Maybe it’s time to look at the neglected traffic sources? I won’t recommend you to make another deposit at Playing Russian roulette would be safer that this. But there are shitloads of advertising sources that folks don’t take advantage of.

For example, I once was making money pushing physical products on Yep, that’s the network that pushes traffic through, and all other filthy porn sites around. The number of traffic is impressive. Quality is also in a negative way. But only if you look at conversion rates. With their low CPM’s, I was still able to break even and profit a little. I don’t advertise there anymore, but many folks still do. It’s obviously hard to convert anything non porn related there, but if you can make it work, that’s some under the radar money for you. Or you could push porn affiliate programs, why not. If you’re not ashamed to tell your grandma how you make money, do it. Especially if you take clips of your grandma and post them on some of these sites lol.

Ok, little too far…

But my point is, there’s lots of poor quality traffic around, but it’s also priced accordingly. (Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t negotiate). If you can take a campaign on some of these low key traffic sources and make profit, I can bet you can keep your profit pipe pumpin’ a little longer.

So think about those ad networks you haven’t touched before, and start testing if you have some spare cash around. You may be surprised to discover a new decent ROI campaign that’s not being scanned/copied by every affiliate around.

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Super Affiliate or Not Super Affiliate

Man, for years I keep hearing these terms like super affiliate, high-roller, big baller (whatever that means lol)… and to me it seems ridiculous. Super affiliate is not the guy that once was spending $xx,xxx/day on Facebook and now washes cars in a gas station to sustain his brazilian fetish porn addiction. Super affiliate (I hate that term) is someone who is able to make money constantly, for years. Not just have one time shot when Google bizopp kits and Acai’s were making a lot of people’s lives miserable.

And everyone has a different perception of who is super or mega anyway. When I first heard that people are making $10,000/month on internet, I was blown away. Then was blown away by folks doing that much a day. And then Carlos & Lupe Garcia’s came along with $3-$5 mil month revenues (and I think 50% of that profit). But they were doing those volumes not as affiliates, but advertisers just to be fair.

And talking about the numbers, 95% of guys speak about revenues. Yeah, for the advertiser, the network it’s important I agree. But for affiliate? You need to look into profits. Who cares you’re doing $10,000/day revenue. 7 times out of 10 your profit margin brings you $1,000 to $3,000/day. So their numbers don’t matter, it’s BS anyway.

And even if we do listen to those braggers and pray to their numbers… where’s the line?

There are folks who are billionaires. Made riches from affiliate marketing. Hell, insurance lead gen is affiliate marketing really and those guys do sick numbers.

But is it important how much they’re making and how incomparable you look next to them?

Hell no. You may be inspired by these guys and that’s good as long as it kicks you off your ass and forces you to do something. But those are just someone else numbers anyway. They had their backgrounds, their lives. And you live yours. You gotta make it happen from your position. All what should matter to you is how you can create a sustainable living for yourself online.

If you don’t make $1,000/month profit, then make it your goal to do $2,000 in the next 3 months. And if that’s the numbers you can sustain that let you live comfortably… then my friend you are that super affiliate, period.

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How to Get Paid for International Affiliates?

I have a few buddies of mine that reside outside US. They complain to me that getting paid is a pain in the ass sometimes. Some networks don’t pay via Paypal, so check or wire transfer is the only way. Check takes time to travel, weeks, months in some cases. Wire costs money, $25 minimum no matter what the amount of money is. So that leaves many poor affiliate struggling with cash flow. But here’s a company someone mentioned to me that makes many aff’s happy.


They issue prepaid debit cards to almost anyone in the world. Their rates are ok, but frankly it’s the only option international folks should consider. Why? Because they offer virtual US bank account. That is something. It means you can get paid by US CPA networks by direct deposit, ACH transfer (with is FREE) instantly (same day) and money appears in your card. You pay with that card for advertising and cash flow isn’t the issue anymore. It’s really an amazing service for any one abroad.

Convert2Media, Copeac used them in the past I know, not sure now. Plimus another affiliate network. Elance. Big guys. It’s super easy to get paid this way. Also you card can be loaded with another credit card by others I think. So it just makes it even better.

Listen, if you are one of those guys that can’t get thing going, because of some stupid payment issues and your geographical area, then get in right now. It’s by far the best and probably the only service international folks can use.

Again I’m not sure which countries are supported there, but you should check it out, email them and see if you can get it. I think you need to be associated with one of their partners like C2M or Elance. This shouldn’t be a problem, just join the partner and Payoneer should setup the account and card for you. BTW, you can take out that money from ATM machines anywhere in the world too.

Just though about sharing it with some of my international affiliate audience ;)

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